1Mayson Preheim5'0L/DS11
3Jada Koerner5'5OH/S8
4Elizabeth Lopez 5'5OH/DS9
8Maria Cortes5'5S/MH9
10Odalite Pankratz5'6RS/OH10
12Emily Heeg5'7OH12
13Andrea Wollman5'9MH12
15Alyssa Dent5'4OH/MH8
16Areli Cortes5'5OH11
18Josie Epp5'4L/OH/DS11
20Destini MIller5'9MH12
24Sandhya Alpmann5'4OH/S11
25Leah Goodwin5'7MH/OH8
26Katelyn Johansen5'6S12
28Alivea Weber5'3S/DS8
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